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What is Recurring Deposit?

A Recurring Deposit or RD as it is commonly called is a unique term deposit offered by banks. It is an investment tool which permits those with an ability to make regular deposits earn decent returns on their investment. Basically consisting of regular deposits and an interest component, a Recurring Deposits provides flexibility and ease of use to individuals. Account holders can choose to invest a particular amount each month, ensuring that they have sufficient income for an emergency, with the RD earning decent interest on the amount. Given the fact that FDs are rigid and are not ideal for short terms, a Recurring Deposit is an ideal investment cum savings option.

RD / FD Calculator

Your Earning at Maturity (Deposit Amt + Interest Amt + Maturity Bonus)

What is
Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposit, also called Term Deposit is an investment where the interest rate is guaranteed not to change for the nominated term, so you know exactly what your investment is worth.

Features of Recurring Deposit

RD offers you a fixed interest on the invested money at a specific frequency till the pre-determined term or up on maturity. At the end of the term, the amount upon maturity (which is your invested capital) along with remaining or accumulated interest is paid.

    The main features of Recurring Deposit account are as follows:-
  • Our recurring deposit schemes aim to inculcate a regular habit of saving among the public.
  • Minimum amount that can be deposited varies from bank to bank. It can be an amount as small as Rs.1000.
  • The minimum period of deposit starts at one year and the maximum period of deposit is ten years.
  • The rate of interest is equal to that offered for a Fixed Deposit and is hence higher than any other Savings scheme.
  • RD offers the additional benefit of taking loan against the deposit, i.e., by using the deposit as a collateral. About 80 to 90% of the deposit value can be given as loan to the account holder.
  • The Recurring Deposit can be funded periodically through Standing Instructions which are the instructions given by the customer to the bank to credit the Recurring Deposit account every month from his/her Savings or Current account.


RDGF01YR - RD For One Year

One Year Recurring Deposit Plan

01/04/2017 1000 Start RD Account
01/05/2017 1000 -
01/06/2017 1000 -
01/07/2017 1000 -
01/09/2017 1000 -
01/10/2017 1000 -
01/11/2017 1000 -
01/12/2017 1000 -
01/01/2018 1000 -
01/02/2018 1000 -
01/03/2018 1000 -
01/04/2018 1000 Complete RD - [After 24 Hr]
01/05/2018 13,000 Total Amount - [Interest + Maturity Bonus]
RDGF02YR - RD For Two Year

Recurring Deposit - 24 Month's

01/04/2017 1000 Start RD Account
01/05/2017 1000 -
Same Like 1000 -
Same Like 1000 -
01/01/2019 1000 -
01/02/2019 1000 -
01/03/2019 1000 -
01/04/2019 1000 Complete RD - [After 24 Hr]
01/05/2019 27,000 Total Amount - [Interest + Maturity Bonus]

Fix Deposit - 12 Month's

1,00,000 Fixed Deposit
After One Year
Interest Rate 7 % and Interest Amount= 7000
Maturity Bonus 5% Total Maturity Bonus Amount= 5000
Total Amount = Deposited Amount + Interest Amount + Maturity Bonus
1,12,000 = 1,00,000 + 7000 + 5000
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This is Example for better understand with amount of 1000.
Mininum Recurring Deposit Amount: 1000.
Minimum Fix Deposit Amount: 25,000.





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