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About Global Finance


Global Finance is a leading distributor of various financial schemes, based in Pune. The company was established in 1999, with an objective of offering varied investment opportunities under one roof. The foundation of Global Finance is built on providing highly personalized service to its customers, to help them make sound investment decisions. Global Finance accomplishments bear the mark of unwavering trust of its clientele, as well as recognition from leading financial institutions.

If you ask three basic questions to 10 Clients on Investing -

  • Why they are investing?
  • What is the purpose behind their investment?
  • What are they expecting from their investment?

The one common answer from majority of the investors would be "to generate highest possible returns or returns betting the markets. "This can be stated has been general approach of most of the investors. This approach can be termed as a "Traditional Approach" of investing.

A more specific approach of investing, wherein the investor has an objective of attaining specific life goals is termed as a "Goal Based Investment Approach". Goal based investing involves an investor's specific life goals such as investing for children's education or building retirement corpus. It aims to get beyond the drawback of traditional investment approach. The two biggest advantages of goal based investing are - It increases investor's commitments to their life goals; and it helps investor to look beyond intermittent market volatility and focus on long term success.

If we know the purpose of our investing then where to and what to expect becomes more realistic. So set your goals and link your investments so as to achieve the goals. Retirement Funds, Child Expenses Planning, are the best examples of goal based investing. It's time to move from traditional mode to goal based mode to fulfill your needs and desires. So, Think, Invest and Prosper.


  • The purpose is to create better tomorrow. We believe that we are on this Planet to revolutionize the Finance Industry and provide the highest quality of services to all our customers.


  • To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing best in class services. We aspire to exceed the expectations of all our Stakeholders viz. Customers, Employees and Share holders.


  • Global Finance offers attractive schemes to all its depositors. In fact, many of the depositors have a relationship with the company which spreads over three generations and view Global Finance as synonymous with safety, security and service.


  • Be it lenders, depositors, shareholders, customers or employees, Global Finance has always enjoyed an excellent relationship with all its stakeholders. In fact, the Company owes its impressive track record to these long standing relationships. Today, Global Finance has come a long way from its position of being the leading Finance Company to become the leader in its chosen field.


  • Fixed Deposits raised by corporate is one of the many money raising tools for the companies. Companies raise money from the public and offer them a fixed rate of interest for different tenures. The company can raise money only if approved by approving authorities. hese deposits have different tenures and periodic interest payment options (Only Annually) and cumulative option (compounded as per specified rules of deposit).